Ao som do berimbau: Capoeira - The Book

Published by Alas (2003) ISBN 10: 8420304255 - ISBN 13: 9788420304250

Formado Comprido (Grupo Capoeiras, 2018), wrote the "Ao som do berimbau: Capoeira" book taking numerous studies about Capoeira as a reference, and with the contribution of Luiz Renato Vieira (Mestre Luiz Renato, Grupo de Capoeira Beribazu) and Professor Quim LluciĆ” (Bachelor in Physical Education, physical therapist and specialist trainer in the field of bodybuilding applied to aesthetics, health and performance).

This book presents Capoeira in a mature vision of the principles that guide it, advice and opinions from the Mestres Comprido admires (since he started his own experience), and more than 400 photographs illustrating the basic capoeira movements.

His Spanish Capoeira book is a text that fills an important void in the aspect of the diffusion of Capoeira. The age of this sport, as well as the handicap of the language in which it develops, makes the profane not discover the sociocultural value from the beginnig. It can be very easy to get lost in capoeira's plasticity, rhythms and deep historical roots, it meanings and the people who have fought to keep their cultural identity and traditions alive, until you're really involved. This is a work with an impressive theoretical and historical content, accompanied by a deep description of the techniques and everything that surrounds it.

You are going to discover a book about Capoeira, Brazil's martial art, the fight of the black slaves that yearned for freedom.

Its multiple meanings will take us beyond a simple game of amazing perfection between comrades, a pretentious search for self-control of the individual educated through its practice with essential educational values and a vast poetic and instrumental richness. Infused with strong historical and socio-cultural essence, Capoeira has been able to resist the passing of time and today it shapes an enigmatic universe that contains traditions and behaviour patterns, a methodical discipline in constant evolution.

The task of translating his book: "Ao Som do Berimbau: Capoeira" into English has been proposed on several occasions by some very dedicated students, but for reasons of time has still been unachieved. The book marketing is limited to Spain and South American countries (Spanish-speaking) with which Editorial Alas handles shipments in an ordinary manner.